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What are the most common water heater problems ?

  What are the most common water heater problems ? Here is a quick look at 4 most common electric and gas water heaters problems that can bring a lot of inconvenience to you including dirty dishes and cloth not washed properly and cold showers, that can be very disturbing. But fortunately, a lot of water heaters failures can be diagnosed and fixed by yourself or your professional local plumber from Smart Housing Systems Inc. DBA Emergency plumbing.   1.  Water heater has a foul odor   Hot water can develop a foul odor due to the presence of bacteria, minerals, or organic matter in the water. When heated, these substances can release gases or compounds that produce the unpleasant smell.   To combat hot water with a foul odor, flushing the heater is crucial. Regular flushing, ideally once a year, helps remove sediment, minerals, and bacteria buildup, preventing unpleasant odors. It's an effective way to maintain water quality and prevent bacterial infestation, especially in stagnant
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Beware of "Blow dust and go" cleaners

  Beware of "Blow dust and go" cleaners Choose professional Air Duct Cleaning for Reliable and Thorough Service   In the realm of home maintenance, HVAC cleaning is a critical task that not only ensures the efficient operation of your heating and cooling systems but also impacts the air quality of your living environment. However, the market is flooded with offers from cleaning services promising spectacular results for unbelievably low prices, such as the notorious "$99 blow dust and go" deals. We often hear that other companies have quoted cheaper prices, and that's precisely why we've created this guide—to help you make an informed choice when selecting an Air Duct Cleaning Specialist These offers can be tempting, but homeowners should approach with caution as they often result in inadequate service that could cost more in the long run. Instead, trusting established companies like Emergency Plumbing Air Duct Cleaning Services using professional Nikro duct

Why you should consider a full house filtration in Illinois

  Why you should consider a full house filtration in Illinois In Illinois , considering a full house filtration system can be particularly beneficial in several scenarios due to specific regional water quality issues and environmental factors. Here are key situations where installing a full house filtration might be necessary or highly beneficial:   1. Hard Water Areas:  Much of Illinois has hard water, which means the water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals can cause scaling on appliances, reduce the efficiency of soap and detergents, and lead to plumbing issues. A full house filtration system that includes a water softener can mitigate these effects by filtering out these minerals before they enter your home’s plumbing system.    2. Old Plumbing Systems:  Older homes, particularly those in historic neighborhoods or cities like Chicago, might have outdated plumbing systems that could leach lead or other metals into the water supply. A full hou

Why it is crucial to clean the air ducts

  Why it is crucial to clean the air ducts Debris left in air ducts after construction or remodeling projects can significantly impact the performance and efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including furnaces and air conditioners.   Here’s a detailed explanation of how this occurs and why it’s crucial to address: 1. Reduced Airflow  -  Obstruction  : Construction debris, such as sawdust, plaster, pieces of drywall, and insulation materials, can obstruct air flow in ductwork. This results in the furnace or air conditioner working harder to circulate air through the vents. -  Efficiency Loss  : Reduced airflow forces HVAC systems to consume more energy to maintain desired temperatures, leading to higher utility bills and strain on the system.    2. Increased Wear and Tear    -  System Strain  : When air cannot flow freely through ducts, both furnaces and air conditioners must operate longer cycles to reach set temperatures. This prolonged operation c

Key Types of Sewer Drain Cables and Their Uses

  Key Types of Sewer Drain Cables and Their Uses A Comprehensive Guide to Sewer Drain Cable Types and Recommended Sizes for Effective Plumbing Maintenance    Are you a plumbing professional or a DIY enthusiast tackling common drain clogging issues?   Understanding the right type of sewer drain cable and the optimal size for different plumbing tasks can significantly enhance your efficiency and results. This guide will walk you through the various sewer cable types and the recommended sizes for various drain types, including bathtubs, showers, and floor drains.     Key Types of Sewer Drain Cables and Their Uses   Sewer drain cables, commonly known as drain snakes, are crucial tools for clearing clogs in plumbing systems. These cables are designed to navigate through the twists and turns of drain pipes, effectively breaking up or retrieving obstructions.  1. Bathtub Drains  - Typical Size of Drain: 1-1/2 inches to 2 inches    - Recommended Cable Size : 1/4 inch or 5/16 inch For bathtub d

Installing the Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate Submersible Sewer Ejector Pump

  Installing the Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate Submersible Sewer Ejector Pump by Smart Housing Systems Inc.   At Smart Housing Systems Inc., DBA Emergency Plumbing, we recently celebrated another installation triumph with the Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate submersible sewer ejector pump. This advanced solution ensures reliable wastewater management for our clients, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-tier services with every project.   Why Choose the  Zoeller  0.4 HP Waste-Mate?   The Zoeller 0.4 HP Waste-Mate is renowned for its durability and efficiency. Ideal for residential or commercial use, this pump is designed to handle even the toughest demands with ease. Its robust construction and powerful performance make it a preferred choice for those seeking dependable sewer solutions.   Expert Installation by Licensed Professionals   Our team at Smart Housing Systems Inc. comprises highly skilled, licensed professionals who specialize in precise and efficient installations. We understa

Three Effective Methods to Protect Your Home from Flooding

  Three Effective Methods to Protect Your Home from Flooding The Essentials of Flood Control Three Effective Methods to Protect Your Home   Flooding can be a devastating event, causing significant damage to homes and property. However, with the right flood control measures in place, you can significantly reduce the risk and ensure that your home stays dry and secure. Here are three essential flood control methods that every homeowner should consider implementing.   1. One-Way Check Valve on a Sump Pump A one-way check valve is a crucial component in any flood control system. Attached to a sump pump, this valve prevents water that has been pumped out from flowing back into your basement. The one-way check valve allows water to exit through the discharge line but closes immediately when the pump turns off, blocking any backward flow. This is especially important during heavy rains or rapid snow melts, where water volume can be immense and fluctuating. Installing a one-way check valve is